Department / Committee / Board Primary Contact Phone
Animal Control & Animal Inspector Candy Laflam 413-695-0427
Assessors Gina Papineau 413-268-8236 x302
Board of Health Chet Lulek, Chair 413-268-8236 x110
Building Inspector Charlene Baiardi, Building Inspector 413-268-8236 x116
Community Preservation Committee Sandra Papush, Chair 413-268-8244
Conservation Commission Sandra Papush, Chair 413-268-8244
Council on Aging Rosemary Clark 413-268-8236 x118
Cultural Council Kathy Boisvert, Chair 413-268-8236
Elderly Housing Study Committee Donald Boisvert, Chair 413-268-3651
Electrical Inspector Curt Golec 413-320-1156
Emergency Management Larry Holmberg, Emergency Management Director 508-304-2585
Finance Committee Chair 413-268-8236
Fire Department Sue Labrie 413-268-7161
Gas and Plumbing Inspector Don Lawton 413-268-7487
Hampshire Council of Governments 413-584-1300
Hampshire Regional School District Dr. Craig Jurgensen, Superintendent of Schools 413-527-7200
Health Agent Erin Kirchner 413-268-8404
Highland Ambulance Mike Rock, Service Director and Paramedic 413-268-7272
Highway Department Highway Superintendent 413-268-7062
Hilltown Community Development Corporation Dave Christopolis 413-296-4536
Historical Commission Bob Labrie
Landfill/Dump Goshen Board of Health 413-268-7079
Library Martha N. Noblick, Library Director 413-268-8236 x111
Moderator Bob Labrie
New Hingham Regional Elementary Rosemary Larkin, Principal 413-296-0000
Open Space Committee Melanie Dana, Chair 413-268-3414
Planning Board Roger Culver, Chair 413-268-3316
Police Department Jeff Hewes, Chief 413-268-3116 (Business)
Recreation Commission Roger Culver, Chair 413-268-3316
Selectboard Joe Roberts, Chair 413-268-8236 x301
Tilton Town Farm Supervisors
Town Accountant David Grayboff 413-268-8236 x109
Town Clerk Gina Papineau 413-268-8236 x107
Town Collector Susan Warriner,Town Collector 413-268-8236 x106
Town Treasurer Alan Kidston 413-268-8236 x108
Veterans Agent Joe Russo, Veterans Services Officer 413-268-8236
Wired West Monica Webb, Chair 413-667-9473
Zoning Board of Appeals Joe Frye, Chair 413-268-8236