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Meeting Location Call 911 for Emergencies
Contact Mike Rock, Service Director and Paramedic
Phone 413-268-7272
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Mailing Address 56 Main Street , Goshen MA 01032
Overview The mission of Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc. is to provide the full range of emergency medical services to the member communities. These services include:

  • responding to all fire calls in the six towns
  • providing training and certification testing for all first responders
  • providing mandatory inoculations for all first responders
  • running blood pressure clinics for residents of the six towns
  • developing and practicing emergency response plans with the schools and camps in the member towns
  • conducting health and safety classes for the schools
  • working with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Authority (MEMA), FEMA, and Homeland Security to develop emergency response plans for the member towns
  • providing mutual aid and paramedic intercept services to the neighboring communities
  • providing transport services
  • providing standby service for major community events such as the Chesterfield Parade and the Cummington Fair
  • responding to all 911 calls that may require emergency medical services

Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc. employs one full time paramedic Service Director, one full time Basic EMT, three part time paramedics, three part time Basic EMT''s, and thirty on call EMT''s. The residents of Highland's member towns are fortunate to have neighbors who give so much of their time to provide emergency medical services to their communities. Highland is proud of the professionalism and care with which Highland's EMT''s perform their duties. Highland's goal is to have at least one EMT at the station 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the best response times possible for the citizens of the member communities.